The Reykjavík Angling Club offers a variety of trout and salmon fishing permits available in all price categories for many of the most prominent fishing spots in Iceland. We have both self-catering lodges and lodges where full service is provided. We are a non-profit organization with the goal of supplying high quality sustainable fishing at minimal cost for our clients. The club was founded in 1939 around a salmon river in the middle of Reykjavík, Elliðaár, a river that still is one of the best salmon rivers in the country. Today, we offer 62 possibilities of salmon, trout and arctic char fishing in rivers and lakes in Iceland.

Iceland is a Mecca for salmon and trout fishermen. Every summer the salmon run in huge numbers to spawn in the country’s numerous rivers. The season is short in our northern climes, but the sport can be fast and furious. There is a wide variety of waters, calling for a range of techniques from the visiting angler and promising a healthy and vigorous catch as reward. The scenery in Iceland is bleak and often haunting, nearly bereft of trees and littered in parts with volcanic lava. Iceland provides a unique setting for the sportsman. Most overseas fishermen return regularly year after year. The salmon season starts from early June and runs until the end of September, and the rivers have different fishing season within this time limit.

The rivers in Iceland are all in private ownership and in most instances a number of farmers own the fishing rights in each river, often leasing it to third party, like our club. This means that there is great control over the number of rods in each river and the fishing environment is very much regulated. The result is that there are no public beats in the rivers in Iceland and anglers have the rivers to themselves.

The Reykjavík Angling Club controls many rivers in Iceland, some of them are exclusively for our members, but we still have a good selection of trout and salmon options for non-members to choose from.

Please contact us for further information by e-mail at or call us at +354 568 6050 and we’ll be glad to plan the perfect fishing trip for you in one of our famous salmon, trout or sea-trout rivers and lakes.

Here you see some of the rivers that we have to offer

Laxá in Laxárdalur and Mývatnssveit

In Laxá-river in Aðaldal on the North coast of Iceland are two beats called Laxárdalur and Mývatnssveit. These two areas combined have over 20 miles of fishing and are divided into 15 beats, each accommodating […]

Hítará River

The Hítará-river is one of the countrys best-known salmon rivers. Though an average-sized river, it has a long and remarkable fishing history, dating back to when British gentry started fishing here. The variety of pools […]

Haukadalsá river

Haukadalsá is a brilliant little river in the west of Iceland, only about 150 km away from Reykjavik. It has often been described as the perfect river for fly fishing. The river is only about […]

Langá River

Langá river is one of Icelands top rivers, and has a large group of repeat anglers. Langá is a very diverse river with around 100 marked pools in it’s 36 kilometer stretch. It originates from […]